100% Hemp oil RICH 250ml

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For thousands of years Hemp is used for culinary and medicinal purposes throughout the world, e.g. in China it has been used since 4000 BC.

The Hemp oil has a superb and unusual sweet nutty flavor that is appreciated both by gourmets and natural healers. This oil is considered the most harmonious in terms of contents of nutrients and comprehensive contents of essential fatty acids. It has an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids for the human body (3:1).

Its use is broad, in traditional Chinese medicine it is used on the meridians of spleen and small intestine. It is successfully used to assist in the treatment of atopic eczema and other skin diseases. It calms inflammation, relieve pain.

Composition: 100% pure oil created by cold pressing. The first press. The oil does not contain additives, preservatives, colorings and other oils. It does not contain cholesterol.

Packing: tinted glass bottle, hermetic seal

Contents: 250 ml

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