100% Sesame seed meal RICH 250g

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Sesame seed meal – is a valuable organic dietetic product containing components indispensably required by the body – unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, pectins, phospholipids, vitamins F, C, B1, B2, PP, minerals, micro and macro elements: K, Ca, CO, R, Zn, Na, Mg, Fe, Cu.

The Sesame seed meal swells during passage through the digestive tract and thereby acquires the ability to absorb toxicants, toxins, excess cholesterol, bile pigments and ammonia.

Thanks to the presence of pectin, it protects mucosa against mechanical and chemical stimuli, pathogens, putrefactive microbiota, carcinogenic and harmful chemicals (lead, arsenic, etc.).

Sesame seed meal

• lowers blood sugar, increases biliary excretion, normalizes biliary tract functions
• increases the number of platelets and improves blood clotting
• obesity: promotes weight loss and strengthens the body
• dilutes the acidity of the blood, reduces increased stomach acidity
• compensates total exhaustion
• helps in burning during urination
• relieves "weak stomach"
• bodybuilding: helps to increase muscle mass
• has beneficial effects in anemia, internal bleeding, hyperthyroidism; speed up blood clotting
• prevents the formation of blood clots

Weight: 250g

Produced from GMO-free ingredients, without further additives, colorants, preservatives. The feed material comes from the first pressing, the seed meal itself is made by means of gentle slow mechanical grinding.

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