Aroma composition of essential oils into the sauna – Thyme-Mint 10ml

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The original combination of sweet and spicy herbal aroma of the essential oils of thyme and a fresh, invigorating fragrance of the essential oils of peppermint – a reminder of lush green meadows, warm sunshine. It also helps to rejuvenate, relax and unwind. The aroma composition of the essential oils Thyme-Mint promotes the excretion of toxins through the skin.

How to use:

If you use the aroma composition to scenting the air in the sauna, there is no need to be sprayed directly on the heating elements (e.g. hot stones). In this case, the contained oils burn only and will emit unpleasant and harmful odours. Just dilute the aroma composition in warm water.

In the Finnish sauna, use a heat-resistant container with water and place it near a heater or stove.

In the Russian sauna, spray the wooden walls, benches, floors. Thus the contained oils only evaporates vigorously on the hot surfaces, but not burn.
It is also permissible to process the aroma composition and water into a large basin or bucket and dip into it your broom.
The compositions can also be used to aromatize water in the bath.

Ingredients:  Denatured alcohol (94.0% ± 3% volume fraction), essential oils of thyme, peppermint.

For external use only.

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