Chewing resin with Propolis

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Chewing resin with Propolis is made of Larch resin which posesses anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. They are supported with propolis, a natural antibiotic that removes all types of bacteria and virus out of your mouth and digestive system. Propolis is considered to be a dental antiplaque agent as it posseses strong antimicrobial properties. It deeply calms and heals inflamed gums, removes dental plaque, prevents dental caries and is also good for stomach and respiratory diseases. The chewing resin lasts long and cleans dents very properly.

Ingredients: 95% Larch (Larix sibirica) resin, 5% propolis. Without sugar, no artificial or chemical substances.

Usage: Leave in mouth for a minute and then start chewing.

Volume: 5 pieces (0,8g) of chewing resin.

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