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The basis of a special Homeopathic Malavit cream-gel is Malavit - a highly effective parapharmaceutical and cosmetic preparation for external use, including the mucous membranes of ears, nose, throat and genitals, with strong antiseptic and antibacterial effects. It is designated for virtually all types of aerobic and anaerobic infections, has strong antiviral, antifungal and deodorizing effects.
It is a product of fusion of knowledge of bioenergetic medicine, homeopathy and pharmacology with unique natural gifts of mountains in the heart of Asia: Altai.

Malavit contains active copper complexes, among them the malachite, lactic acid and other acids, formic acid, silver, sodium, calcium, potassium, lithium etc.; bee products, sugars, mumiyo, larch and cedar Resin, buds of birch and pine, oak bark, extracts of roots and aerial parts of herbs of the Altai region (peony, yarrow, sage, xeranthemum, mint, calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, calamus, thyme), a total of 37 components without colorants or chemical additives.

Malavit as an information active preparation regulates recovery of cell information in the cells of the organism through the skin, mucous membranes, biologically active points and nerve endings. Simultaneously disintegrates extraneous information of viruses and microorganisms (absorbs "information smog").

  • herpes simplex, zoster, genitalis
  • skin inflammations
  • irritated skin
  • injuries, bruises, abrasions
  • vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis

Ingredients: Aqua, Neutral gel, Glycerin, MALAVIT, Menthol, Grape Seed oil (Vitis vinifera).

Usage: Apply on the affected part(s) 2-4 times a day or when it is desirable or neccesary.

Volume: 75 g

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