Natur Grip 15g

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Natur grip. Dieatary supplement.


Natur grip strengthens and stimulates immune system. Vitamin C helps to preserve functionality of the immune system, helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Seabuckthorn and VILCACORA strengthen immune system and resistance to stress. Licorice has healing effect during colds, stimulates immunity and resistance to germs. Willow has antiviral effects, promotes excretion of harmful metabolites from the body. Sage and mint have disinfecting effect, encourage defense system and beneficial effect during colds and coughs. Sage and mint have also antioxidant effect and protect cells against effects of oxygen radicals.


Composition: 5.2g fructose, ascorbic acid 340mg (that is 425% of the recommended daily dose of vit. C), lemon – juice of the fruit 96mg, sea-buckthorn leaf extract 96mg, Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract 96mg, white willow bark extract 96mg, Vilkakora (Uncaria tomentosa) bark extract 48mg, sage essential oil 10mg, peppermint essential oil 10mg.


Dosage: 1 sachet 2-4 times a day. Dissolve 1 sachet in a glass (200ml) of hot water. It is recommended sweeten the drink with honey.


Packing: 15g (5 x 3g sachets).

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