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  • ulcerous diseases of stomach and duodenum
  • all inflammations of the digestive system
  • mucosal inflammations
  • chronic gastritis, polypus of stomach and bowels
  • psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems
  • positive effect on the central nervous system
  • increases resistance of the organism against infectious diseases
  • inhibits cancer development, clears cancer tumours off the body
  • inflammatory processes and larynx carcinoma in the form of inhalations
  • liver and spleen ailments
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  • supports the excretory system
  • is excellent for kidney function
  • contains goldenrod, chamomile, cranberry, horsetail and common knotgrass
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  • to support the excretory system
  • has a beneficial effect on the activity of the liver
  • contains petiole, oats, corn styles and thorowax medical 
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  • preparation for lymphatic cleansing using special concentrated extracts of herbs
  • allows deep cleaning
  • without negative effects on body organs
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Malavit is a highly effective parapharmaceutical and cosmetic preparation for external use, including the mucous membranes of ears, nose, throat and...
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  • gently cares for teeth and oral cavity
  • freshens breath
  • reduces caries
  • reduces the formation of plaque
  • contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity
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  • disinfects
  • removes the feeling of dryness
  • releases breathing 
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  • strengthens organism
  • stimulates immune system 
  • effective during flus and colds
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