Shungite cooling gel against burning feet with an ice component 75 ml

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The "Ice" formula in the composition returns immediately the feet a pleasant feeling of lightness and cooling. The gel relaxes muscles, relieves the feeling of heaviness and burning. Immediately after the application, it refreshes, soothes and deodorize the skin of feet. Recommended for foot massage.

Karelian Shungite has a strong antioxidant effect, improves blood circulation, nourishes skin cells with essential trace elements and accelerates their recovery and epithelization processes.
Extract of seaweed has regenerating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Plant extracts from horse chestnut and Ivy have anti-inflammatory effects, eliminate swelling, improve blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduce the feeling of "heaviness" in the legs.
Natural essential oils of peppermint and melissa cool and refresh the skin, improve its "breathing"".
Panthenol has healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

The gel contains no parabens, dyes, perfumes, hormones and antibiotics. It is recommended for regular use, it is an effective means of preventing the development and progression of varicose veins.

Active ingredients: Shungite, rutin, olive oil, sunflower oil, plant extracts of horse chestnut and ivy, natural essential oil of lemon balm and peppermint, menthol , panthenol, beeswax.

How to use:Apply as needed light massage movements. 

Volume: 75 ml

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