Spirulina 400, 150tbl. (Spirulina platensis, Arthrospira)

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Spirulina is blue-green micro-algae living mainly in fresh water. Once it was the food source of the Aztecs and Central American population in the 16 century. In Chad in Africa its use dates back to the 9th century. It is rich on vegetable proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, beta carotene, iron, vitamins (especially group. B, C, D, A and E) and the rare essential fatty acid GLA. It has strong antioxidant effects, reduces cholesterol in blood, increases HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and lowers high blood pressure. It is proven that Spirulina inhibits allergic reactions during hay fever and has anti-inflammatory effects (e.g. during arthritis). Very interesting is the use of Spirulina against HIV, anemia and malnutrition. Spirulina extract inhibits HIV replication in human cells, regulates the amount of iron in the blood, it is an excellent nutrient, dietary supplement and also assists in correction of weight (even for very thin people). The active substances in Spirulina help to regenerate the whole organism and improve the intestinal microflora.

  • improves digestion
  • regulates cholesterol
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • suppresses allergic reactions and inflammation
  • rich source of nutrients
  • helps during anemia, malnutrition

Ingredients: Spirulina (Spirulina platensis, Arthrospira) – 400mg, 95mg calcium carbonate, calcium stearate 5mg.

Use: For adults and children aged 12 years 1 tablet 3 times daily during meal. Recommended therapy lasts 1-2 months, 2-3× per year.

Contents: 80 tablets

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