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SynchroVitals III is a product of chronobiological correction for the normalization of biorhythms of cardiovascular system

A biologically active supplement SynchroVitals III is the first cardioprotective agent which has been made in view of the biorhythms of the cardiac and vascular system. This system is more dependent on regular biorhythms than other organs. Already in the 70ies, scientific researches of scientists – chronobiologists clearly demonstrated that the regulation of rhythms of the heart and vascular pressure does not depend on the dose, but on the determination of the correct timing so that it is in accordance with the rhythms of the heart and vascular system.

morningMorning complex contains: KardiolykopenTM, soya extracts Striped (40% isoflavones), L-carnitine tartrate, extract from seed of grapes (90% total polyphenols, 15% oligomeric polyphenols), vitamins A, E, C and beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, copper.

eveningEvening complex contains: micronized polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 stabilized extract of rosemary, ascorbyl palmitate and vitamin E, hawthorn extract (10% oligomeric polyphenols).

The preparation SynchroVitals III is made by merging several biologically active substances:

  1. Omega-3 - polyunsaturated fatty acids; hawthorn extract viatmin C capable of dissolving in lipids, not only stabilizes the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, but also has antioxidant (protective) effects on the cardiovascular system.
  2. Lycopene - a unique antioxidant protecting the heart, obtained from the skins of young dark red tomatoes. Its effect is enhanced by the natural vitamin E. The alliance of these substances prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
  3. Almost 100% polyphenol complex, obtained from the seeds of grapes, which contains at least 15% of unique oligomeric flavonoids. These biologically active components support the restoration of elasticity of vessel walls and reduce the risk of thrombus formation.

Use: Adults take 1 capsule in the morning (morning complex) and 1 capsule in the evening (evening complex) for 1 month. The cure can be repeated as needed.

Contents: 60 gelatin capsules (2 x 30 pieces)

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