Volcano energy - strong warming cream 44ml

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Massaging cream Volcano energy is a strong cream with formic acid designed for all types of massages. It contains three strongest substances with warming properties: formic acid, bee venom and chili pepper extract. Its strength is complemented by active and intensive oils of peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, siberian fir, juniper and mugwort. It is the strongest and most intense cream in our offer. It has a very strong warming effect, improves blood circulation, quickly relieves fatigue, swelling and pain in muscles, relieves the feeling of heaviness in legs.

  • strongly warming
  • massaging cream
  • improves blood circulation
  • for swelling, muscle pain
  • feeling of fatigue, heaviness in legs

Ingredients: Vaselina pharmaceuticum, parafinum, capsicum frutescens (chili pepper), camphor, kemaben 2E, spiritus formicici acid (formic acid), menthae aethericum (peppermint oil), venenum apis (bee venom), olea aetherica: pini (pine oil), rosmarini officinalis (rosemary oil), melaleucae alternifoliae (tea tree oil) Extracts: artemisiae absinthii (wormwood) sibiricae abies (Siberian fir), Juniperus communis (juniper, juniper).

Method of use:
During cold: cream is applied in the neck area, chest and spine in the area of blades. Massage intensively.
For injuries, sore muscles after sport: cream is applied to sore parts by means of a massage.
Feeling of heavy legs: The cream is applied evenly and easily rubbed from the bottom up.

Volume: 44 ml

Dermatologically tested.

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