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Aroma Lamps

The simplest and most enjoyable way of using essential oils is an aroma lamp or censer. During the times of ancient culture, these vessels were called “Yum”, meaning “Lord of Fire”. Their use does not require special knowledge and is based on the slow penetration of heated aromatic oils along with monomolecular water vapour into the air in a room that gets a pleasant smell. Aromalamp – this is the most effective way to create an attractive atmosphere and enjoy the best scents.
Using aromalamps you can fill your home or space where you often stay, with relaxing refreshing scents of the favourite essential oils which help you lift your mood or allow you to enjoy your rest after a difficult day. Improve health, tonify and nourish the body with life energy.
The material from which the aromalamp is made must not, in any case, react with an aromatic oil. The source of heat has to be open fire – most often it is a paraffin candle in a metal cup. The design of the aromalamp has two parts: the base for placing the source of fire and a bowl for the water-oil mixture just above it. The fire causes evaporation of the mixture which spreads to the surrounding air.

Before using the aromalamp, give the room an airing, and then close windows and doors. Fill the bowl to 2/3 with water and add the required amount of drops of one oil or a mixture of 3-5 essential oils. For the required concentration, taking into account age, you can use the following table. Then light the candle. For properly designed and manufactured aroma lamps, the recommended temperature of the mixture is between 50-60 °C.

Dosing table for essential oils for children and adults


the number of drops of essential oil
on example of a room of 15m

within 2 months


2 months - 2 years


2–5 years


5–10 years




Over 15 years, adults


1 drop weighs 23 to 24 mg, the concentration of essential oils in the aromated room of 45m3 will be approximately 0.5mg per 1m3
For aroma lamps it is not desirable to use scented candles, which are mostly made of synthetic fragrances. Such candles completely block the delicate and especially beneficial smell of the essential oils.