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Non-alcoholic balms

It has happened that only few people today know what the balm actually is. We say – it's a balm on the soul or it's a real balm – the word is soothing and smoothing.
In books we can find that the balm is:
     1. Odoriferous semi-liquid oil resins used in medicine and cosmetics
     2. Healing, soothing preparation
     3. Metaphorically "provide solace"
The balms, we offer you, deserve their name. Their production has an unusually long tradition in Russia.
Russian balm is a dense fluid, created as a thoughtful combination of natural extracts from different fruits, roots and healing herbs prepared to provide the most powerful effect to the target part of the organism. It is a concentrated healing composition – a beverage that is used on teaspoons.
We chose the most interesting of them for you - by their influence on the organism, the age of the recipe and composition – with an emphasis on the origin of the components (therefore "Altaic").