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Body weight adjustment, fat removal from the body and detoxication

Correct weight

There are two types of cure – standard and extended. The standard cure lasts 1 month, the extended one 3 months. From experience, we recommend to apply the standard cure and, at the end, depending on the achieved results to extend the length of the cure, i.e. switch to the extended one, or to terminate the cure.

The standard cure is designed for body weight adjustment by several kilograms, normalization of cholesterol levels and cleansing of the lymphatic system.

The extended cure – as a direct and sequential follow-up of the standard cure – is designed for weight-wise adjustment to a larger extent, normalization and stabilization of cholesterol levels, complete cleansing of the lymphatic system and detoxication of the body.

Valentin Dikulja – The Story of an Incredible Man

Valentin Dikul

The name Valentin Dikulja (Valentin Dikul) is known for his unusual story all over the world. At the age of 14, he suffered a heavy accident – he fell from a height of 15 meters and broke his spine. He survived, but the doctors told him he would never be able to use his legs anymore. Nine months later, he left the hospital on the wheelchair. Thanks to his strong will and effort, he started walking again and returned to his audience and became the holder of 5 Guinness Records in power disciplines.

How to recognize a true shungit

How to recognize a true shungit

To recognize the true or fake shungit is easy thanks to the unique shungit characteristics – conductivity. There are only a few minerals that are conductive and shungit is one of them.

We are inquisitive – we test our products thoroughly first. On us, on our friends:) Shungit is not an exception. Because we have previously met with the question of shungit authenticity, we have prepared for you this short guide, consisting of photos from our archives.

Preparation:Preparing to conductivity test