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La Maison du Savon de MarseilleWith a tradition dating back to the early 60s of the 19th century, La Maison du Savon de Marseille revived the tradition of soap in southern France and regained the popularity of soaps produced the original "Marseille" technology.

Soaps are powerful in their effect, while soft and gentle to the skin. They are produced exclusively from vegetable oils and contains no artificial coloring or synthetic adjuvants. For perfuming are used solely perfume essences from Grasse.

Soaps Maison du Savon de Marseille are unique not only because of the quality of the raw materials used and the method of preparation, a wide variety of more than 120 fragrances, but also how the skin for daily use gently and perfectly capable of clean and fragrant smell while maintaining the necessary anti-bacterial properties.
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Soaps La Maison du Savon de Marseille charmed us and we are pleased that we can offer them.