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Essential Oils

Essential OilsScent is the essence of life that immediately awakens feelings, positive emotions, fills us with joy, a sense of security, sexual and erotic tune, awakens passion for life. The sense of smell gets to our brain directly through the olfactory nerves which are linked to its intellectual and analytical part. A smell can thus activate pleasant memories in us, caress the heart, nervous system and harmonize us so suddenly we are able to concentrate better.
Just a few drops of essential oil can induce a completely different atmosphere in our environment, whether at home or at work. The oils are an ideal complement to a massage, bath or relaxation. Their scents perfectly absorb odors and refresh the air.
Its best-known use is in aromalamps. Aromalamp may also be replaced by a piece of paper or cotton wool. A few drops in any container with water, placed anywhere in the area has a long-term effect until the water evaporates.
Add 1-3 drops in your bath, for massaging just add 12 drops into 50 ml of vegetable oil or cream. Essential oils can also be used to aromatize your shampoos and cosmetics, add 4-5 drops.

We offer essential oils that are obtained only from plants and are not chemically treated in any way.
All of them contains 100% pure natural ingredients.