Cypress 100% Essential Oil (Cupressus sempervirens)

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Cypress is an evergreen timber coming from the East mentioned in various legends. Its wood is very strong and long-lasting, "sempervirens" is a word derived from Greek and means "lives forever"", "immortal"". In ancient Greece cypress was called the "Tree of mourning" and it was planted close to each grave. It is named after the island Cyprus where this timber was being worshipped for centuries. In Rome no ceremony was held without cypress and according to a legend, the timber was named after Kyparissos, a favourite of Apollo, who was for his actions transformed to a cypress. Habits of ancient cultures survived up to this day and cypress can be found in many cemeteries in Europe.
The main effect of essential oils from cypress is the recovery of blood circulation in the organism. Cypress strengthens veins, helps with premenstrual syndrome and menorrhagia, excessive bleeding. Can be added to ointments to treat varicose veins and to improve microcirculation, can also relieve pain in joints and muscles.
According to Chinese medicine cypress helps circulation and energy, has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the nervous system, and therefore may be effective in combating cellulite and problems with lymph. Relieves spasms of different origins (muscle, menstrual, asthma).
It also has a psychological effects, restores balance, sense of harmony, balances the emotions and helps to cope with difficult situations and changes in life.

Cypress oil is a popular ingredient in cosmetic products to reduce sweating, normalization of sebaceous glands function and to prevent hair loss.
Content: 100% Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens) Essential Oil.

Application: you may add 1 drop to aroma lamp, 1-2 drops into bath, 2-3 drops for massage, 1-4 drops per flask for aromatization of cosmetic products (shampoo, cream..)
Caution: Do not use during individual intolerance to Ylang-ylang , use diluted, prevent eye contact, keep out of reach of children. During pregnancy use with caution.

Volume: 10 ml

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