ElemVitals – Selenium with Siberian herbs 60 capsules

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Selenium is for the human body an element truly valuable, beneficial absolutely by everything. It is part of the majority of hormones and enzymes and therefore is associated with the function of practically all organs and organ systems of our body. But what is the most important – selenium protects cell membranes from oxidative processes and effects of toxins.

Selenium also helps men to extend the period of sexual activity and promotes normal spermatogenesis. Selenium is involved in the normalization of thyroid function and the immune system.

The preparation ElemVitals - Selenium with Siberian herbs has these valuable features

  1. It includes yeast, saturated with selenium. Thanks to this, it is characterized by high efficiency in increasing levels of selenium in the blood
  2. It is enriched with vitamins C and E, which assist in protecting cells from oxidative stress
  3. The complex is complemented by herbal extracts of medicinal plants (Baikal skullcap extract, rosehips, garlic, acerola, maritime pine)


  • supports preservation of normal nails and hair
  • assists in protecting cells from oxidative stress
  • helps the normal function of the immune system and thyroid gland

Ingredients: vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium (as L-selenometheonine from organic selenium yeast), siberian larch wood extract (90 % of dihydroquercetin), acerola extract, garlic extract, baikal skullcap extract, siberian rose hips extract, capsules transparent.

Use: 1 capsule per day during meals.

Time of use: 1 month.

Pack contents: 60 capsules

ElemVitals – Selenium with Siberian herbs is a source of selenium in its organic form
– the only form that the body can utilize 100%.

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