Enriched Garlic oil in capsules 100 caps

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Garlic oil enriched with linseed oil, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is one of the best medical, wellness and preventive products which have a complex effect on the body.

Ingredients in 1 capsule: 180 mg garlic oil, linseed oil 120 mg, sulfur compounds, vitamins, minerals of all groups, inulin, essential oils, natural trace elements, allicin, unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6,
glycerin (capsule shell).

Dosage: adults: 4 capsules 3 times daily during meal, rinse with sufficient amount of water, course takes 20 to 30 days. Repeat the course 2–3 times a year.

Volume: 100 capsules (300 mg per capsule)

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