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This tincture helped me very much when I tried to get rid of my kidney stones that caused me a lot of pain... My doctor said that I would have to have an operation, but I wanted to try "natural way of healing" first. I found this product and started to take it while I drunk specific "kidneys teas" and when I came to my doctor after three months, there was no kidney stone in my kidneys!!! They all had been dissolved and flushed out of my body. Fortunately, I didn´t have to undergo the operation, the restharrow tincture helped me very much. Thank you!
Hi, I work as a waitress and this cream really helps my feet to relax after work :-) and when I use it before i go to work, my legs don´t feel so heavy in the evening...it relieves pain and stiffness, really does! Thank you :-)
It helped my bladder as well, exactly the same way! When I had urinary tract infection, it helped me a lot and immediately, thanks for this product! No drugs, no antibiotics, no doctor :-) and it tastes very good with the cube of sugar :-)
Hello, I am Mark, a student and I have always been very nervous and terrified at exams but now, with two tablets 30 minutes before... I am all right then. It really helped me when I can´t fall asleep or when I have "my exam stage fright", Valerian calms me down and helps me open my heart and get rid off all fears and distress.
This product is absolutely amazing! (Malavit) I have been using it for several years now and it has never disappointed me. You can use it in so many ways and a little goes a long way! Even my most sceptical boyfriend adores it for healing of razor cuts, spots, strains and sore throat. I can't recommend it enaugh!
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