Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica

In Siberia and the Far East, vast nature reserves with a unique flora remain preserved. Plants grow here naturally, freely and abundantly. Under the harsh conditions, they are used to constantly fighting for their life – the power of wild grasses is beneficial and very useful to humans, if you know how to properly handle it.

The company Natura Siberica uses this stored living energy in favor of health and beauty, in its production uses the most advanced technologies and strictly controls all stages of production. All the organic extracts and oils originate from wild herbs and are certified by an independent organization Ecocert (France). All products are hypoallergenic, free of parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances and dyes:

0% of silicones 0% of mineral oils
0% of BHT – BHA 0% of parabens
0% of PEG 0% of EDTA

Certified as ECO BIO

Natura Siberica certification

Besides the main series, Natura Siberica has several special cosmetic products:

Siberie Blanche (Copenhagen)

This series combines the Scandinavian purity and Siberian force of nature. As the source, herbs and plants found in harsh climatic areas are used that have unique health benefits and adaptogenic properties. The basis of this series is formed by Scandinavian plants – Arctic Rose, Arctic berries, cedar, birch, flowers from the Tundra.

Wild Siberica Faroe Islands

It is based on ingredients that are found in only two wildest areas in the world, Siberia and the Faroe Islands. This series contains unique substances such as seaweed from the Faroe Islands and healthy minerals, nutrients and vitamins from the wild Siberian herbs that strengthen, energize, add health and beauty.

Wild Siberica Saaremaa

It is specially designed for gentle skin and hair care. Mild marine climate, fertile soil and primeval forest on the island of Saaremaa create excellent conditions for growing unique plants that have the potential, strength and energy for maintaining the health and beauty of the hair and hair skin.

Wild Siberica Alladale

Alladale is a nature reserve of 100 km2, located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The reserve is conducted sensitively, there were designed and successfully implemented innovative projects to protect and restore the flora and fauna with the aim of preserving the natural world for future generations. (
This series combines extremely powerful ingredients containing ferocity and energy of Siberia and the Scottish Highlands.

Russian bania Detox

It is a series of unique products intended for hair and body care allowing a deep cleansing and refinement. It provides genuine pleasure not only for the body but also the soul, leaving a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Treat yourself to a bath and enjoy long moments of rest, let your body and mind to fill with lightness, refreshment and harmony. Siberian miraculous herbs, as the basis of each product in this series, have a unique stimulating effect and generously share their energy to sustain life.

Royal Caviar

The series contains a unique regenerating complex on the basis of black caviar. Black caviar is rare and expensive delicacy, but also a very rich source of protein, amino acids and vitamins which are very easily and efficiently absorbed into the skin.
Regeneration Complex CaPearl®, which is formed on the basis thereof in combination with proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and plant extracts nourishes the skin and activates the collagen production in the cells, reduces the formation of wrinkles, making the skin elastic. This series is the best thing that nature can give a mature and aging skin.

Imperial Caviar

The series contains the caviar complex combined with extracts of wild plants for young and mature skin.