Scent of Valencia – the aroma composition of essential oils 10ml

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The Scent of Valencia is a fascinating blend of penetrating fresh citrus fragrances.  The Scent of Valencia consists only of natural ingredients, has an effective influence on the body. 
This aroma composition helps improve mood and emotional state, relieve fatigue, relieve anxiety, sleep disorders, internal discomfort, nervousness and grief. It increases the resistance of the protective properties of the organism, has tonic and health enhancing effects, restores strength, is an excellent remedy for general weakness. Just a few drops and you can delve into carelessness and Mediterranean charm of Valencia!

Ingredients: 100% natural essential oils: lemon, mandarin, orange.

Methods of using

Aroma lamps Pour into a bowl of an aroma lamp 2-6 tablespoons of hot water, add a few drops of oil.

Aroma bath: 1-2 tablespoons of an emulsifier (sea salt, honey) dissolved in 0.5 liters of hot water, add 3-5 drops of the oil. This mixture, add to the water in the bath. The duration of the bath – 15 to 20 minutes.

Other applications: Drip 2-3 drops on a natural fabric and place in a warm place.

For external use only 

The composition of the aromatherapy oils is a sophisticated and careful copyrighted work of specialists – "noses" of the Aromatika company. Each of them is designed as a unique and unmistakable harmonic scent for specific purpose.



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