Small Kabaj – Drumla (Brumle, Jew's harp, Maultrommel, Khomus) in a container from Altai cedar 9.5cm

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Genuine Altai

Drumla or even Brumle, Jew's harp, Maultrommel, Khomus are names for a small musical instrument that sounds after the excitement of a string part and the mouth using the lips and tongue serves as a resonator.  Drumla belongs to a group of self-sounding musical instruments of idiophones.

In Europe, the drumla appeared more than 5000 years ago. In Asia, they known the drumla much earlier. These instruments are made ??of bamboo, wood, metal and bone. When playing, the komus is attached to the teeth, and the mouth serves as a resonator. Changing the articulation causes a change in tones that this instrument is issued. On drumla, anyone can play and enjoy the magic of creation of sound and vibrations that are transmitted to the player. It's a very positive experience!
The cover is shaped like a cradle or even a boat. It is made ??of Altai cedar, which in itself concentrates heat and smell of this unique tree. The instrument is associated with the original packaging with a key made ??of leather and a bead. The drumla sounds and how it is playing on, you can listen here:

Each product of cedar is unique and keeps the energy of this ancient tree.

Container size: 9.5 cm

Country of origin: Altai


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