100% Siberian cedar nut seed meal 200g

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The seed meal occurs when pressing Siberian cedar nuts (Siberian pine - Pinus Siberica), and solely and exclusively by cold pressing. It is very rich in biologically active trace elements, proteins, vitamins E, A, C and D, unsaturated fatty acids and is cholesterol free. It is an excellent supplement for people of all ages.
It is suitable for vegetarians.

  • vitamin A - especially suitable for children, supports the correct growth and development of a child, improves sight
  • vitamin B, D - apart from other offects it normalizes the nervous system, improves blood composition
  • vitamin E - plays an irreplaceable role in reproduction phases, has a beneficial effect on functioning of reproductive organs, improves the healthy fetal growth and improves quality and formation of milk during pregnancy period and breastfeeding. It has a beneficial effect during oncological diseases, stops growths.
  • vitamin F - responsible for regeneration and growth of cells in the human organism, it is irreplaceable and the human body aquires it only from food.

Ingredients: 100% pure cedar nut seed meal (Pinus sibirica) of the first press, cold pressing. Gently mechanically ground.

Usage: to prepare pancakes, biscuits or stuffed cakes – the seed meal is added to flour, it is also suitable for the preparation of sauces for dishes of meat and fish – instead of flour the seed meal is used; or to make cedar milk. It can also be used just with a spoon – tastes great.

Cocktail: 1 teaspoon of the cedar nut seed meal, water or birch juice, 1 teaspoon of whey, any syrup, banana or other fruit.
Mix and drink.

Pancakes: 300g wheat flour (smooth), 100g cedar nut seed meal, 80g eggs, 25g sugar, 8g salt, 1000g milk (=1513g batter mass), 30g vegetable oil (for frying).
Mix the eggs, salt and sugar together gradually incorporating the milk (50% of total weight). To the same mixture, add the wheat flour and the cedar nut seed meal, and whisk then the entire mixture unless a homogeneous mass is formed, and whisk in the rest of the milk. Pancakes are fried in oil on a heated pan with a diameter of 24-26 cm.

Biscuits: 150g wheat flour (smooth), 47g potato starch, 150g cedar nut seed meal, 346g caster sugar, 575g eggs.
Whisk the eggs and sugar first at lower speeds, and then at higher speeds until the mass volume increases 2,5-3x. Before the end of whisking, add the flour, cedar nut seed meal, potato starch and stir for max 15 s; add the flour in two batches. The batter should be light – well-saturated with air. Put the finished batter into a greased mold to a third of height, and bake at temperature of 80 ° -200 °C for about 40-45 min. Then cool it off and remove from the mold.

Cedar milk: 200g cedar nut seed meal, 850g water.
Pour the cedar nut seed meal (cedar flour) with a small amount of water and mix until a homogeneous mass is formed. When mixing, top up the remaining water, pour the mass into an enameled pot and wait until everything starts to boil. Decant through a caproic fabric (sieve) and use it in the cold condition.

Contents: 200g

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