Baikal Skullcap - tea in bags 20x2g

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Baikal Skullcap is a very rare herb that grows only in the area of the Baikal Lake, Far East and northern China. It ranks among 50 fundamental herbs used in the traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

  • for problems with immunity in insomnia
  • irritability and mental fatigue to maintain blood pressure
  • it has strong antioxidant effect
  • helps protect liver cells  
  • positively influences and supports the body during stress, hysteria and anxiety.
  • it facilitates falling asleep, a full sleep 
Made of the Baikal Scullcap root, which is characterized by a high content of flavonoids: scutellarin, wogonin, bajkalin and steorid saponins. Only the Baikal Scullcap root contains scutellarin and baicalin, and not aboveground plant parts.

Ingredients: crushed Baikal Scullcap root (radix Scutellaria baicalensis).

How to use: Adults 2 bags (2 g), pour a glass of boiling water, cover with the lid and let steep for 15 minutes, drain off and take half a glass 2 times daily during meals.

Caution: Do not use at individual intolerance to individual components of the mash, during pregnancy and lactation. It is not a substitute for a varied diet.

Packaging: 40 g (20x2g)


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