Ginger 100% Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale)

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Ginger was brought to Europe between  10th and 15th  century as a spice and it has gradually become popular not only in the aromatherapy. The ginger oil is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, coughing, insomnia, loss of libido, seasickness as well as travel sickness. When added to the bath or cream it supports a weak bloodstream, reduces bruises and it has positive effects on joints while suffering from rheumatism or arthritis.

  • in sickness, seasickness
  • to poor blood circulation
  • rheumatism, arthritis
  • airways, cough

Content: 100% Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Essential Oil. It does not contain any other artificial substances or additives.

Application: you may add 1 drop to aroma lamp, 1-2 drops into bath, 2-3 drops for massage, 1-4 drops per flask for aromatization of cosmetic products (shampoo, cream..)


Caution: Do not use during individual intolerance to Ylang-ylang , use diluted, prevent eye contact, keep out of reach of children. During pregnancy use with caution.


Volume: 10 ml

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