Laminaria japonica tablets 100tbl.

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Contents: Dried seaweed Laminaria – Laminaria Japonica 166 mg, microcrystalline cellulose (filler) 30 mg, calcium stearate, silica (fillers). 1 tablet contains 200 ng of iodine in organic form (133% recommended daily dose). The unique pack of vital components.

  • source of essential nutrients and minerals (Borum B, Manganese MG, Iodine I, Potassium K)
  • Hypothyroidism, swellings
  • helps with irregular menstrual cycle
  • source of vitamin C

Sea weed Laminaria contains many nutrients, sterols (cholesterol fighters), improves blood composition, prevents creation of blood clots, is effective for women with irregular menstrual cycle. It contains biologically active substances called alginates which can neutralize toxins, heavy metals and radionuclides, and also strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of cancer.
In addition, seaweed Laminaria is one of the most effective means of intestinal normalization. It contains fiber and is successfully used as a mild laxative among people suffering from constipation.
Very interesting about Laminaria is that it contains as much vitamin C as lemon or orange.
Seaweeds have the ability to "pick and collect" plenty of essential nutrients and elements from seawater.

Usage: 1 tablet a day during meal.

Quantity: 100 tablets

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