Ovis Olio cooling gel for joints and veins 70g

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The basis of Cooling gel Ovis Olio for veins and joints is the connection between components of plant and animal origin. Active ingredients of cream from milk of Australian sheep are an excellent source of nutrients to treat damaged cells and aging cartilage and muscle. The gel is calming, pain relieveing, pleasantly colls off and nourishes muscles, joints and veins.
It also contains biological substances from:
Horse chestnut – widely used to treat chronic venous insufficiency (CVI),  alleviates pain, improves blood circulation and has a special compound called aescin which appears to block the release of enzymes that damage capillary walls. Horse chestnut is the vein tonic that strenghtens the walls of veins and vessels, calms inflammation, improves circulation in lymphatic system and capillaries and helps with oedema.
Hawthorn – is antibacterial, antiviral, contains quercetin – a special flavonoid similar to rutin and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and rutin which has a significant effect on the vascular wall. It calms inflammations, reduces swellings (especially in lymphatic system) and strengthens and increases the flexibility of vascular walls.
Absinthe wormwood has been traditionally used to treat strained muscles, muscle cramps and inflammations.
Parsley is good for swellings.
Lime-tree – calms inflammations, reduces swellings, oedema, has antispasmodic effect and can help with ulcers of the lower leg.
Burdock has anti-inflamatory effect and reduces swellings.
Australian Tea tree oil calms inflammation and has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

  • vascular wall ruptures
  • strenghtens the walls of veins and vessels
  • calms inflammation
  • regenerates cartillage
  • helps with oedema, foot fatique, heavy legs
  • strenghtens flexibility of capillary walls

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor oil, PCA Isostearate, Hydroxyethylated Lanolin, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Seed Water and Alcohol Extract, Oil-SC-Artemisia Absinthium (wormwood) Extract, CO2 concentrate Arctium Majus, Tilia (Lime-tree) Water Extract, Camellia Sinensis (green tea) Water Extract, Crataegus (hawthorn) Water and Alcohol extract, Carum petroselinum (Parsley) Water Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Sodium Ascorbye Phosphate, Carbamide, Na-EDTA, Carbomer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Methylisothiazolinone, Triethanolamine, Perfume compound, E133, E102. 

Volume: 70 g

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