100% Pumpkin seed oil 200ml

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Pumpkin seeds oil is a delicious oil with several marked healing properties:

  • normalizes prostate functions, increases potency
  • prostate cancer
  • lowers cholesterol level in blood
  • antiseptic influence in bowels
  • positive effect on digestive system
  • heals inflammations of mucosae (mucositis), esp. in digestive tract
  • contains a lot of zinc
  • stimulates kidney functions
  • helps to flush toxic substances out of body

Pumpkin seeds oil used to be used to treat digestive system, especially colon by intestinal parasites and worms. It has antiseptic properties and can reliably clean up bowels. Pumpkin oil contains the high amount of zinc and is popular in the treatment of problems with prostate and also prostate cancer. It increases potency, normalises prostate functions, heals mucositis and inflammation of digestive system. Pumpkin seeds oil is also very usefull for women as it reduces cholesterol level in blood especially by women. Added to salad, Pumpkin oil is undoupteedly one of the most delicious oils.

Contents: 100% cold pressed pumpkin seeds oil.

Usage: 1 tea spoon 2 – 3 times a day before food. Pumpkin seeds oil is lovely when adding to a salad, 1 tea or table spoon.

Volume: 200ml