100% Sea Buckthorn oil ELIT 100 ml

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Sea buckthorn oil is a gift of nature with loads of healing effects. It has been used for centuries to heal skin problems, respiratory and digestive tract. These are the main medicinal applications:

  • inflammation of mucosae, esp. in digestive and respiratory system
  • A-vitamin, strengthens eyes
  • gastric ulcers, stomach inflammation 
  • haemorrhoids, skin problems, burns or frostbites, eczema
  • helps to detoxicate
  • regenerates epitel of skin and tissues
  • dissolves rheums and phlegms, by bronchitis
  • positive effects on gynecological problems
  • helps to heal cervix disease, cancer
  • antioxidant

Contents: 100% cold pressed sea buckthorn oil.

Usage: 1 tea spoon 2 – 3 times a day before eating. By skin problems apply oil to the affected part 2 times a day. Therapy lasts 3 weeks at least or when it is desirable or necessary.

Volume: 100ml 

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