Shungit rubble – Water activator 150g

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Water Activator and natural water filtration.

Shungit differs from diamond and graphite by its molecular structure. The molecules are shaped as a soccer ball and are called fullerenes – it is the third type known form of carbon; molecules contain atoms C60. Shungit is the only one mineral on Earth that contains healing fullerenes.

Karelian Shungit is stored in the oldest layers of the earth's crust, and its age is estimated for more than 2 billion years. His cosmic origin is very likely due to the high concentration of fullerenes, because extraterrestrial fullerenes have also been found in meteorites. The importance of the discovery of fullerenes is supported by the fact that a group of English scientists for their discovery won the Nobel Prize. It was shown that Shungit in an interaction with water has therapeutic properties as it transforms water into biologically active. Water with energoinformative Shungit matrix helps functioning all the biological structures of the human body without suppressing healthy cells. Fullerene is the most powerful and long-acting antioxidant and at the same time a universal sorbent. Nothing can be compared with its ability to purify water from harmful ingredients. It can simultaneously deliver to the body beneficial trace elements and macro-elements and absorb those harmful.

The principle of shungite rubble functioning as a water activator is simple: in contact with water molecules, Shungit molecules change the structure of water, giving it healing properties. Shungit water has antibacterial and rejuvenating effects. Shungit cleans the water from bacteria, viruses, radionuclides, chlorine, nitrates, phenols, dioxins, helminths.

Shungit water is a great, completely natural beverage. Shungit adjusts normal tap water without complicated procedures and costs.

Package: 150g

Please check the Instructions for use and maintenance CLICK

We supply Water Activator in packs with three motives and also in an alternative packaging. The replacement packaging differs from the others in that it is not in a nice box, but in a transparent bag (as pictured in the foreground) and, of course, has the same properties. The motif of the carton cannot be selected.

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