How to use Shungite rubble – Water activator guide.

How to use Shungit rubble – Water activator guide
Step 1.
To prepare shungit water use a glass jar.

Use 1 pack of shungit rubble for 3 liters of water.
Step 2.
Make sure the jar is clean and put the package content inside.
Step 3.

Fill the tank with tap water or water from a well (water from PET bottles is not convenient - it is "dead") - in the appropriate ratio.

Water is cloudy now. Leave the jar overnight and the following day pour out water from the container and fill it again.

Leave the jar overnight again and then remove last finest particles from the water surface. Water is now ready to drink.

When using the water always keep the minimum level of water so the rocks are under water.
Step 4.
After approximately three months or sooner (depending on the quality of your water) put the shungit rubble into a wire sieve.

Under a stream of hot water shake and move with the sieve - the rubble will be cleaned. Then do the same under cold water.

Return the shungit rubble to the jar, fill it with water and leave overnight. Then you can use the water again.

Finally a few tips:

  • you may leave the jar with shungit water anywhere at room temperatures - water quality will be preserved
  • shungit water can be used not only for drinking - use it for cooking, preparation of tea, coffee, ice production, washing, you can do tests on your pets (two same pots, one with shungit water, one with ordinary water) - which pot do they choose?, etc.
  • for cleaning choose a sunny day. Remove the rubble from the jar, place it on a white pad (preferably canvas - for easy manipulation), pour the rest of the water through the canvas, including rubble. Leave the canvas with rubble on the sun until it is completely dry and charged from the sun energy . Then clean the shungit rubble with a sieve as described above.
  • stick a card to the jar (max. 3) with written abilities you would like the water to have. The word "HEALTH" shouldn`t be missed out. (Note: this whole thing with cards looks like a light deviation for orthodox heretics, but if you have the opportunity to see under a microscope a piece of ice from normal water, shungit water and then the "carded" shungit water, it will probably at least ... make you think about it)
  • read more about shungit - it is an interesting reading (e.g. how is shungit related to the Nobel prize)

Any of your comments and suggestions are welcome.


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