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SynchroVitals VI is a product of chronobiological for the correction of biorhythms of joints and cartilage tissues

The main active morning ingredient of the biologically active preparation SynchroVitals VI is then organic complex ChondroForteTM. The main secret of this complex consists in the optimum combination of three natural components that affect the musculoskeletal system. They are glucosamine, selenium and vitamin C. Biologically active components of SynchroVitals cell VI cannot be considered separately, because they can only operate together. In the absence of any of them, the cascade of restoring reactions interrupts immediately.

Glucosamine is the main building material of articular cartilage, but they are only individual building "bricks" that need to be still joined together.
The role of the binder is fulfilled by the atoms of sulfur, which "bind" molecules of glucosamine into solid blocks. For transfer of sulfur atoms, a special enzyme is indispensable, which does not work without selenium.

If there is enough selenium, rigid structural units are formed from glucosamine, which constitute the basis of the cartilage. The tasks of reinforcement are fulfilled by a special fibrous protein – collagen, whose synthesis requires vitamin C. It is apparent that all three of these components must be compulsorily together and in certain doses. Additional ingredients of the morning complex are: vitamins A, E and C, beta-carotene, zinc and copper, which represent a powerful antioxidant complex.

The evening complex, besides an added amount of glucosamine, also contains a herbal anti-inflammatory complex. Extracts from the bark of white willow, meadowsweet and rose hips eliminate inflammation, pain and swelling. It is very important not only for it to be allowed to move, but also to be able to sleep peacefully. For this reason, anti-inflammatory components are included in the evening formula. The point is that the inflammatory process leads to rapid breach of healthy tissue and the sooner this process is stopped, the sooner their activity is resumed.

morningMorning complex contains: ActiFaze?? Morning Formula: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, white willow bark

eveningEvening complex includes: RestFaze?? Evening Formula: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, harpagophytum
procumbens extract (root, tuber), siberian rose hips extract.

Use: Adults take 1 capsule in the morning (morning complex) and 1 capsule in the evening (evening complex) for 1 month. The cure can be repeated as needed.

Contents: 60 gelatin capsules (2 x 30 pieces)

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