SynchroVitals VII 60 capsules

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SynchroVitals VII is a product of chronobiological correction for the normalization of biorhythms of sight

morningThe morning complex AntoftamTM contains in its composition a special plant pigments - anthocyanins. Not by chance in military air forces in many countries for more than a decade, the mandatory use of bilberry extract is prescribed to pilots flying at night. The effect of anthocyanins is significantly potentiated by the presence of organic selenium. These are eagles who have the highest content of selenium in the visual organs and feature the best vision in nature.

eveningThe evening complex KarovizinTM contains a wide range of natural carotenoids. Beta-carotene is part of the visual pigment, without which we could not see. Zeaxanthin absorbs ultraviolet radiation, Lutein also acts as a light filter. Also natural vitamin C in the form of an extract of rose hip provides carotenoids great help.

Use: Adults take 1 capsule in the morning (morning complex) and 1 capsule in the evening (evening complex) for 1 month. The cure can be repeated as needed.

Contents: 60 gelatin capsules (2 x 30 pieces)

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