Tegerik – set of cedar balls for bioenergy massage 3.5cm

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In ancient times, it was common practice in the East to play with balls in the palms of appropriate size to enable the biostimulation of the body. The balls were not smooth, but with projections which have the form of various shapes.

These balls – Tegeriks are made from Altai cedar, which is known for its bio-energy properties. The carved figure on the ball helps to better stimulate the reflex points on the hands (and also points on the elbows, knees, soles, etc.). Two hand-carved balls can be placed in a small fabric bag.

Each product is unique and keeps in itself the energy of this ancient tree.

Ball diameter: 3.5-4 cm

The set contains two carved balls and a cloth bag with retracting.

Country of origin: Altai


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