Thyme 100% Essential Oil (Thymus vulgaris)

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Thyme is a tiny herb originating from southern Europe, grown mainly for use in food. Thyme has recently become popular among people through the use of Thyme Essential oil.
Thyme folk healers considered Thyme as a stimulating antispastic remedy and recommended its inhalation as a cure for melancholy and epilepsy. A German doctor in the year 1725 discovered in thyme oil a very strong disinfectant ingredient called Thymol, which is very effective against bacteria and fungi, and which helps with expectoration and mucus release. Thyme has since then been frequently used as a medicine for various diseases, for example diarrhea, fever and thyme oil was prescribed as an antiseptic to treat fungal infections, especially on legs.

  • powerful antiseptic
  • for influenza, bronchitis, cough
  • anti-mycotic effect, treats fungal infections
  • helps nerve weakness

Thymus vulgaris) Essential Oil. Oil does not contain any other artificial substances or additives.

Application: you may add 1 drop to aroma lamp, 1-2 drops into bath, 2-3 drops for massage, 1-4 drops per flask for aromatization of cosmetic products (shampoo, cream..)
Caution: Do not use during individual intolerance to Ylang-ylang , use diluted, prevent eye contact, keep out of reach of children. During pregnancy use with caution.

Volume: 10 ml

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