Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) Tea 50g

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Content: dried Chaga mushroom, called Cinder conkInonotus obliquus. 50g.

Chaga is a type of a conk – a mushroom which grows mainly on birch trees, especially in Russian Siberia. The mushroom is black on surface, brown color in the cut. The fruit body grows up to the size of 30 to 50 cm (15 to 25 inch), weighs 3 kgs and grows up to ten years. It nourishes from the juices of the host. It is collected in fall and spring, when it has the highest concentration of effective substances. The Chaga Cinder conk occurs also on elm, rowan and ash trees, but based on experience the greatest healing properties has Chaga grown on birch trees.
  • an excellent supportive preparation during ulcerous diseases of stomach and duodenum
  • during all inflammations of the digestive system
  • during chronic gastritis
  • during polypus of stomach and bowels
  • during psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems
  • positive effect on the central nervous system
  • relaxes the nervous system during insomnia
  • positive effect on the metabolism
  • increases resistance of the organism against infectious diseases
  • during inflammatory processes and larynx carcinoma in the form of inhalations
  • during diseases of liver and spleen
  • in stomatology during parodontosis
Chaga mushroom has relatively strong anti-cancer effect, while its significant healing effects are especially in the digestive system neoplasm therapy. It is also very effective during treatment of the chronic inflammation of stomach, stomach ulcers, diseases of duodenum, liver and spleen. Cinder conk is used during diseases of lymphatic system and various disorders of circulation of lymph. Because of the connection of digestive system with skin problems it is an efficient supportive remedy during treatment of psoriasis, eczema, erythroderma and other skin diseases because it improves metabolism on the cell level and therefore increases resistance of the organism. Chaga also improves function of the nervous system, "strengthens the nerves and brain"". The effect is complex and therefore it is not necessary to combine it with other herbs.
The main share of beneficial influence of Chaga mushroom has melanin which has a similar molecular structure as the natural melanin of the human body and therefore it has the possibility to penetrate the cell structure without any obstacles. The best effect was achieved during the initial stages of oncological diseases. During the advanced stages it may stop growth of new neoplasms, relieve pain and improve the overall condition of the patient. It is strongly recommended to stop eating meat and fat eatables, tins, smoked meat during the treatment .
The experience of Russian medicine of many centuries gave an impuls for scientific research of Chaga Cinder conk during the treatment of neoplasms. The extensive basic as well as applied pharmacological research of Chaga mushroom concluded in various centers in Russia since the thirties of the 20th century up to present has proven the long experience of the folk medicine. It has been proven that the Chaga Cinder conk extract is an efficient therapeutic and was therefore introduced into the official Russian medicine practise under the name Befungin.
This Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is indeed legendary. Chaga Cinder conk has been used in Russia as a renowned healing remedy. The famous prince Vladimir Monomach used Chaga to treat cancer of lips. As an effective anti-cancerous remedy is Chaga introduced into the official Russian list of remedies in 1858.

Application and dosage: Pour 250ml boiling water over the 1-2 tea-spoons of dried Chaga mushroom and let steep for 15-20 minutes.  Then pour out tea with a strainer to catch any parts of mushroom and drink 3 times a day during or before meal.

Volume: 50 g

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