How to recognize a true shungit

How to recognize a true shungit

To recognize the true or fake shungit is easy thanks to the unique shungit characteristics – conductivity. There are only a few minerals that are conductive and shungit is one of them.

We are inquisitive – we test our products thoroughly first. On us, on our friends:) Shungit is not an exception. Because we have previously met with the question of shungit authenticity, we have prepared for you this short guide, consisting of photos from our archives.

Preparation:Preparing to conductivity test

Pyramid: Pyramid conductivity testPyramid conductivity testPyramid conductivity test

Cube:Cube conductivity testCube conductivity test

Piece of rock:Lump rock conductivity testLump rock conductivity test

Shungit rubble: Shungit rubble conductivity testShungit rubble conductivity test

Sphere: Shungit globe conductivity testShungit globe conductivity test

For illustrative purposes we have used higher voltage of 240V. If you want to test your shungit conductivity, use the safe voltage of 24V.

Repeating the test under the conditions shown above is STRONGLY UNRECOMMENDED!


I've seen enough pages about shungite, but you really take it seriously.
Very convincing.
I trust you are selling a real shungite.
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