Trimegavitals – lutein and zeaxanthin superconcentrate 30kps

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This top-notch product contains a high concentration of pigments of natural origin – lutein and zeaxanthin.

It is designed for people with increased or excessive eye strain – such as computer monitors, polluted air, unnatural light (non-full light fluorescent lamps, LED illumination). The complex is enriched with Siberian oil and Vitamin E, supporting the cell protection against oxidative stress.

Lutein is an important part of the eye, located in the macula – a small area of the retina, which is the center of the sharpest vision.
Basic functions of lutein:

  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Slows degenerative changes in the retina (macular degeneration)
  • Slows down the occurrence of gray lens cloudiness (glaucoma/ cataract)

Enough lutein in the body reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and regulates cholesterol levels, lack of lutein causes paleness, dry skin, degenerative visual disturbances.

Zeaxanthin is a pigment with high antioxidant activity present in eyes in the lens, macula and fovey (the center of the retina). In the macula and fovee zeaxanthin helps to build a yellow macular pigment – a shield that protects the eye cells from dangerous light frequencies.
Basic functions of Zeaxanthin:

  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Prevents damage to the retina
  • Slows down the occurrence of cataracts

Composition 1 capsule: Natural lutein FloraGlo® 50mg, natural zeaxanthin OptiSharp® 5mg, siberian sea buckthorn oil 390mg, vitamin E (as a blend of natural tocopherols) (42% RDD) 5mg, gelatin capsule 240mg.
RDD = recommended daily dose

Recommended use: Adults 1 capsule daily

Content: 30 capsules


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