Shiitake drops 50ml

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Shiitake Mushroom contains polysaccharide lentinan, 18 amino acids indispensable for the functioning of the metabolism, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin D. Polysaccharides from this mushrooms contribute to strengthening of the natural defense mechanisms of the immune system and help stimulate the oragnism. Shiitake also supports the nervous system.

Ingredients: Fruiting bodies of Lentinus edodes – Shiitake extract in 80% ethanol.

Recommended dosage: 20 to 30 drops mixed in half a glass of water. The daily dose of 30 drops corresponds to about 6.6g fresh weight of fruiting bodies of shiitake. The recommended duration of the course is 1 month which can be repeated.

Nutrition / 100 ml of product: – Energy: 965kJ / 235kcal – Protein content: 0.7g, carbohydrates 58g, fat: 0g

Volume: 50ml

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